Deputy police and crime commissioner appointed

Mark Dennett

Mark Dennett

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FORMER police chief superintendent Mark Dennett has been appointed to the position of deputy police and crime commissioner for Northumbria.

Mr Dennett will work with police and crime commissioner Vera Baird QC, until at least March 2013 and will offer advice and support to deliver the police and crime plan which sets the strategic direction and objectives of the force.

Mr Dennett, who retired from Northumbria Police Force six months ago, said: “For the past 10 years I’ve been working in partnership with local authorities, domestic violence groups, voluntary groups, community safety groups in the Northumbria force area. In terms of the priorities of the commissioner, this is something that’s been my bread and butter at a senior level.

“It’s a very difficult time at the moment for police officers, police staff and their families. Morale is low, as it is across the public sector. Part of our job will be to ensure that we champion what the police do, this role is not just about having a voice for the public, it’s about recognising and broadcasting what the police deliver every day for the people of this region.”

Speaking about the appointment, Vera Baird said: “I am delighted that the police and crime panel has considered my appointment, and has approved my nomination of Mark Dennett for Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. I selected Mr Dennett for his very real and very recent experience. He is as keen as I am to follow up his exceptional career by joining me in my ambition to make Northumbria a better police service.

“Northumbria is always in the top three or four, whatever is being counted as policing prowess, so it is but a short step I hope to build on that foundation. With Mark’s insight I believe I’ll be all the better to build on that.”

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