Deputy mayor calls for recording of council meetings

Councillor Georgina Hill is campaigning for more transparaceny

Councillor Georgina Hill is campaigning for more transparaceny

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Berwick’s deputy mayor has called for the recording of town council meetings to be allowed.

Councillor Georgina Hill believes the authority should also welcome the use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

She has been crusading for greater openness and transparency at the council since its finance committee, meeting in private, controversially agreed to take over the management of the Portas scheme from the town team.

Coun Hill’s subsequent request for an investigation of the matter was then rejected.

Now she has tabled a formal proposal asking for the council to permit filming, recording and the taking of photographs at its meetings.

She said: “I am fully committed to the idea of openness and transparency and think it would send out an extremely positive message for us to be one of the first town councils to adopt a proposal of this kind.”

Current standing orders prohibit the recording of meetings without permission.

Councillor John Robertson welcomed the proposal and suggested that if the council bought its own recording equipment it would ensure its own minutes are correct.

Councillor Hazel Bettison also felt it was a good idea.

The proposal will be debated by the council in March.

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