Crime reduction: Berwick is best

Inspector Davy Garrick

Inspector Davy Garrick

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Crime in and around Berwick has fallen by a whopping 22 per cent during the last year, which represents the highest reduction across the whole of the Northumbria force area.

The Berwick sector also performed well in terms of detection rate, its 53 per cent coming second only to Blyth’s.

“There have been 708 crimes over the last 12 months, compared to 902 in the previous year,” said Berwick Neighbourhood Inspector Davey Garrick. “That’s nearly 200 less victims of any kind of crime, so it has been an excellent year. My challenge now is to maintain these reductions which is going to be difficult.”

One of the main focuses over the last year has been anti social behaviour, which has seen a 19 per cent overall reduction in, with 1143 recorded incidents in the 12 months to April 1 this year, compared to 1404 the previous year.

“The public identified anti social behaviour as one of their main concerns, and I wanted to focus on it because it has the potential to affect everybody in the community,” Inspector Garrick explained. “We have worked closely with Northumberland County Council and Berwick Borough Housing officers to tackle it, and that work will continue.”

Inspector Garrick has made a dramatic impact since his appointment last March, with the latest figures coinciding with the end of his first year at the helm Berwick team.

“I have got a station full of officers who are motivated to provide the most professional service they can, and they have all been excellent” Inspector Garrick said.

“But this success is also down to the community for providing intelligence, and partnerships with other agencies.”

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