County council says it doesn’t have the power to intervene

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Northumberland County Council has “limited powers to intervene”, despite Georgina Hill’s repeated calls for an investigation into the “crisis” at Berwick Town Council.

The former deputy mayor believes the town council has been in “disrepute” since September last year and is now “dysfunctional”.

Since losing the election to become mayor last month, she has made repeated calls for all town councillors to resign.

Ms Hill, who represents the St Boisil’s ward in Tweedmouth, believes that is one of the potential solutions to what she describes as a “full-blown crisis”. The other is an independent investigation by an outside authority.

But a spokesperson for Northumberland County Council told the Advertiser: “We are sorry that the town council is having these difficulties, but the county council has limited powers to intervene in relation to the current issues.

“We will continue to work in partnership with the town council to see it through this period and a senior officer is working closely with them.”

Ms Hill says she is campaigning for “justice, fair play, accountability, transparency and the service of public interest not self interest.”

She is refusing to take down a series of posts made on her open Facebook page about the town council, despite having now been issued with a total of three code of conduct complaints.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that two town councillors have been cleared following code of conduct complaints issued against them.

John Robertson and the Mayor, Isabel Hunter, have both been cleared of wrongdoing after being issued with complaints by the town clerk, Sue Finch.

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