Council backs renewed bid to replace town hall stocks

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Berwick Town Council is in talks with various organisations over plans to replace the replica stocks outside the town hall.

Their replacement has been a long-running saga, first agreed by the council in 2011. They have been in storage ever since.

However, there has been a lengthy hold-up during the search for a suitable location and the securing of the relevant permissions.

Councillor Gavin Jones called for the town council to take on the project and ask the Freemen trustees to sign off the works.

Town clerk Sue Finch revealed that progress was now being made after discussions with English Heritage to secure listed building consent.

She revealed: “It was September 2011 when the environment and regeneration committee agreed the stocks should be removed and moved.

“The Buttermarket was suggested and the freemen agreed but it was then decided the Buttermarket wasn’t practical.”

It is now proposed to site the stocks in the same place on the north side of the town hall.

Councillor Alan Turnbull, speaking earlier this month, said: “The current stocks look awful and we have to do something about them.”

But Councillor Alex Gibson warned: “That’s the dampest corner of Berwick. I’m worried they will rot away.”

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