Concern for Spittal’s tourism potential

Spittal beach

Spittal beach

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Calls have been made for improved tourism facilities in Spittal to make the most of the resort’s potential.

The matter was raised by Spittal resident Brian Flannigan at Berwick Town Council’s annual meeting.

He said: “Thousands of people visit Spittal every year but the state of the public toilets are a disgrace.”

But Coun John Robertson warned residents would have to face an increase in their council tax bills to pay for it.

“Public toilets are not a statutory duty for the county council,” he said. “We could do it but there would be an increase in council tax.

Mr Flannigan, a keen surfer, added: “Spittal has the potential to be a fantastic surfing destination if the facilities were a bit better.

“I’m sure if a tractor was brought in occasionally to trail a rake along the beach it would make a huge difference.”

He also suggested that debris washed on to the beach from the River Tweed could be collected.

“People could go and get firewood if they want it and the rest could then be burnt on Bonfire Night,” said Mr Flannigan. “I’m sure that sort of event would be a great spectacle.”

The suggestion was noted by Kevin Bartlett, the county council’s locality development officer.

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