Chief Constable: Wooler will keep a police station

Sue Smith

Sue Smith

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Wooler residents are being re assured that the town will retain a police base, despite recent reports that its station could face closure.

Northumbria Police chief constable Sue Sim said that, although the force was considering alternatives to some buildings - which might mean a move from the Church Street base - a reduction in police cove,r or the removal of an operating base in Wooler was not on the agenda.

Following a meeting with the chief constable to discuss the future of local police stations, Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith said: “I was glad to be reassured by the chief constable that what the force is considering is alternatives to the present buildings, not a reduction in police cover or the removal of an operating base in Wooler.

“Wooler serves a very large rural area, so I was anxious to get the assurance the chief constable has given me that police officers will continue to operate from Wooler, with the possibility that their operating base might be in other premises.”

Sir Alan said that there must not be a repeat of days gone by, “when criminals knew that they could raid premises in the rural areas because it would be a least half an hour before the police could get there”.

“Despite the pressures on the force, Sue Sim is clearly as determined as I am that there is no return to the inadequate levels of rural police numbers that we used to have,” he said.

He added: “We also discussed the way Northumbria police are seeking to maintain front line services despite the need to make very large cost savings, and the amount of work the police do to help local communities over and above their primary crime-fighting role, dealing with anti-social behaviour, road safety and a wide range of community safety problems.”

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