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The European Parliament election will be held on May 22.

The European Parliament election will be held on May 22.

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Don’t know, doesn’t count! That’s the message Northumberland County Council is issuing to residents as it urges them to turn out to vote at the European elections which take place next Thursday.

More than 230 polling stations will be open across the county on May 22 from 7am to 10pm providing the opportunity for the electors to vote.

Current north east MEPs Fiona Hall (Lib Dem) and Stephen Hughes (Labour) are standing down, leaving Martin Callanan (Conservative) as the only one seeking re-election.

Candidates are: Labour - Jude Kirton-Darling, Paul Brannen, Jayne Shotton; Conservative - Martin Callanan, Ben Houchen, Andrew Lee; Lib Dems - Angelika Schneider, Owen Temple, Christian Vassie; UKIP - Jonathan Arnott, Richard Elvin, Phillip Broughton; Green - Shirley Ford, Alison Whalley, Caroline Robinson; BNP - Martin Vaughan, Dorothy Brooke, Peter Foreman; English Democrats - Kevin Riddiough, Sam Kelly, John Lewis; An Independence from Europe - Sherri Forbes, Nawal Hizan, Mary Forbes.

Polling cards have been sent to residents through the post informing them of their elector number and their polling station. It is helpful if this is brought along when you vote but it is not essential, so if you’ve mislaid it, you can still vote, as long as you are registered and eligible.

Voting is a right that so many of us take for granted in this country. Almost 100 years ago, women didn’t have the right to vote and people died fighting for the privilege. Now fewer than six out of every 10 people eligible to vote don’t bother.

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