Carers are urged to get free flu jab

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Carers Northumberland are encouraging carers to ask their GP for a free flu jab this winter to make sure they’re fighting fit themselves and won’t pass the virus on.

Every winter, the vast majority of unpaid carers miss out on a free flu jab, despite the fact that they’re entitled to request one from their GP if they’re the main carer for someone who’s ill or disabled and whose health would be at risk if they fell ill.

Last year only very small fraction of carers received a flu jab in England. If a carer is struck down by the flu and becomes too ill to care, there may be no-one else who can step in and look after the person they care for.

If a carer is looking after someone with a lowered immune system and gets the flu, they could pass the virus on to the person they care for, even if the person they look after has had a flu jab.

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