Bond train uses iconic bridge to plug film

The newly unveiled Skyfall train travels across the Royal Border Bridge in Berwick Upon Tweed.

The newly unveiled Skyfall train travels across the Royal Border Bridge in Berwick Upon Tweed.

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BOX office smash hit Skyfall, the latest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, has become the first film to lend its name to a train in the UK.

The East Coast train was unveiled on Platform 007 at London King’s Cross Station on Saturday before heading north, making an eye-catching crossing of the Royal Border Bridge at Berwick on its way.

A helicopter with a cameraman on board accompanied the train to film the occasion - marking its release on Blu-ray and DVD - confusing casual observers who assumed it was in town in case of any disturbances during the march by the Scottish Defence League.

Skyfall’s first journey was taken by worldwide journalists who interviewed the film’s actors, writers and producers on board, whilst a full carriage became a dedicated Blu-ray screening lounge, showcasing the all new Blu-ray Bonus Features.

Among those on board were Skyfall actress Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny), alongside Bond producers Michael G. Wilson, writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

The train’s announcements were taken over for the day by film critic and TV presenter Alex Zane and passengers enjoyed Skyfall Martinis served by Savoy mixologist Erik Lorincz, who designed a cocktail inspired by the film.

The unique partnership has seen all eleven carriages of the train completely wrapped in eye-catching artwork from Skyfall.

Members of the public had their first opportunity to get on-board the Skyfall train on Monday when it operated the “Flying Scotsman” service from Edinburgh to London. It will now be used on various services across the East Coast route.

East Coast managing director Karen Boswell said, “We’re thrilled that actors, producers and writers from the most successful Bond film joined us on-board our newly named Skyfall train.

“They enjoyed our First Class complimentary service, as they travelled on one of our most popular routes from London to Edinburgh, following in the footsteps of Bond to his ancestral home in Skyfall. It’s really exciting to launch an East Coast train as ‘Skyfall’ and I am sure our customers will look forward to travelling on it too.”

Skyfall itself features two classic train scenes – a thrilling chase on the Istanbul Railway in the opening sequence, along with an epic London Underground sequence in which a tube train literally goes off the rails when villain Silva (Javier Bardem) wreaks havoc.

Skyfall is out now in Blu-ray and on DVD from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

VIDEO: Naomie Harris behind the scenes on the Skyfall train

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