Berwick TUC holds anti-UKIP event

Berwick TUC

Berwick TUC

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This Saturday sees Berwick and District Trades Union Council holding an anti-UKIP leafleting in Berwick town centre.

Philip Thompson of BTUC said: “We oppose UKIP because it is a right wing anti-trades union party that opposes workers’ rights.

“UKIP is off the rails of the Tory right, full of racists, bigots and general right wing nuts that have nothing in common with ordinary working class people.

“UKIP plays on people’s fears, generated and encouraged by the media. In a climate of economic uncertainty and job insecurity the media focuses on immigration and social welfare spending. UKIP latches on to these easy targets. A convenient distraction for the establishment - the filthy rich, the City traders, the Nigel Farages, those really responsible for the financial problems of ordinary workers.

Leafletting begins from outside Berwick Town Hall at 10.30am.

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