Berwick features in self-led geographical walks project

Berwick Barracks.

Berwick Barracks.

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BERWICK has been chosen by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) as having some of the most interesting and diverse geography to explore in the UK.

The area features as part of a project and website - - which aims to explain the stories behind the UK’s built and natural landscapes through a series of self-led geographical walks.

The walk looks at the stories behind the town’s dramatic history caught on the front line of battles, rebellions, wars and skirmishes and changing hands between England and Scotland at least 13 times in history.

Walkers will discover how the town’s people have lived alongside the military for centuries and how Berwick led the way with fortification design and weaponry.

Dr Rita Gardner of RGS-IBG said: “This walk around one of the best-preserved fortified towns in Europe is an unforgettable experience. Magnificent viewpoints reveal why Berwick’s castle is on an ideal defensive site. Find out how successive rulers strengthened and expanded the town’s defences and walk around the walls and see medieval, Elizabethan, Tudor and 18th century constructions.

“We hope that people across the UK will explore the fabulously diverse geography and history that is on all our doorsteps. Berwick has both these in abundance.”

Past president Michael Palin added: “Discovering Britain brings our country to life.”

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