Berwick Academy head teacher responds to parents’ concerns

Berwick Acadamy head teacher Alexis Widdowson

Berwick Acadamy head teacher Alexis Widdowson

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Berwick Academy head teacher Alexis Widdowson has responded to concerns about falling numbers of teachers by telling parents that “rumours” posted on Facebook are “incorrect and unfair”.

In a letter to parents and carers, Alexis Widdowson explains that a new management structure is being put in place and that new teachers will be joining for the start of the new academic year in September.

Ms Widdowson also warns against the dangers of using social media to raise concerns about the school.

She writes: “We regularly remind our students that Facebook is a publication and as such, statements made on it are potentially open to legal action, especially when show to be untrue or defamatory.”

Her letter follows the setting up of a Facebook page called ‘Save our children’s education at Berwick Academy’, which is being used as a discussion board for parents concerned about the quality and numbers of teachers at the school over the last 12 months.

Rumours that a number of teachers will be leaving over the summer have also been posted on the site.

But Ms Widdowson states: “The school will be publishing a document which will provide more information on staff joiners and leavers. You will see from this document that staff turnover remains low and below the national average for all schools.

“You will also see that ... we have increased the number of teaching staff next year and are very excited about the high calibre of staff who will be joining us in the autumn term.”

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