Bedroom tax lobbying pays dividends

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Lib Dem campaigner Julie Pörksen’s effort to change the Government’s policy on the bedroom tax is getting results.

Following a recent review of the Bedroom Tax, Danny Alexander has announced he is to try and convince the Conservatives to implement Liberal Democrat housing benefit policy in Government.

Julie Pörksen’s new policy, which responds to the needs of people and the local affordable housing market, gained a landslide vote amongst Lib Dem members at their Federal Conference in Glasgow last year.

Julie said: “This change in view on the bedroom tax by our Ministers in Government has been a long time coming - it is really important that they work hard to convince the Conservatives to adopt our much more human approach to housing benefit.

“I listened to so many Northumbrians unfairly treated by the bedroom tax, so I decided to take action to develop a new policy and try to change the law.

“My policy puts people at the very heart of the housing benefit system and makes sure we in Northumberland are not being penalised for rules developed to fix London’s social housing crisis.”

Cumbrian MP Tim Farron, president of the Liberal Democrats, said: “Julie led the way in the Liberal Democrats with objecting to the unfairness of the Bedroom Tax, her motion to conference showed she really listened to people and is on their side in developing a fair and sensible policy.

“I agree with Julie, here in Cumbria, it’s like Northumberland, there’s very limited availability of social housing and trying to make people move across the county disrupts our communities and many care and childcare arrangements.

“I am really pleased Julie’s hard work has achieved results.”

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