Beadnell residents say ‘no’ to housing

James Williamson and other residents of Beadnell at the Haven site.

James Williamson and other residents of Beadnell at the Haven site.

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Beadnell residents have sent out a clear message to would-be developers that they do not want their coastline spoilt by more housing.

County Life Homes still harbours long-term ambitions to build luxury houses on the shorefront at The Haven, although those hopes have been dented by the parish council’s refusal to enter discussions about the feasibility of such a scheme.

More than a dozen villagers have responded to that news by reinforcing their opposition to further development.

Peter Gomarsall of Longstone Crescent, said: “Beadnell’s coastline should not be developed for luxury homes.

“This saga has been running on for several years now and we can only hope that good sense will prevail.

Villagers who oppose the development proposals are not NIMBY’s and the recent consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan laid that accusation to rest. The results showed an overwhelming result that local people do not want development on their coastline.”

Irene Joyce, also of Longstone Crescent, added: “It is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and must be saved for future generations to enjoy as we do now. Once the shoreline is built on it is lost forever.”

Lucinda Fleming-Jones of Longbeach Drive said: “Building on our beautiful heritage coastline in my opinion is totally unacceptable.”

Kenneth Howe of Harbour Road said: “This is a remarkable beautiful awe-inspiring coastline in Beadnell and it should not be taken up with any kind of development.

“ The coastline is precious not only to the inhabitants of Beadnell but to the many visitors that the area attracts because of the existing charm that developers seek to take away and destroy.”

Concerns have also been raised about the susceptibility of the site to flooding.

Joan Brown of Harbour Road, said: “There was considerable erosion of the coastline in early December with the tidal surge. This damage would have been much worse if the wind direction had been different.

“It really would be folly to build so close to the water. The debris thrown up in several places along Harbour Road was considerable.”

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