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THE generosity of BARK supporters never fails to amaze us. We have had a huge response to our appeal for blankets and towels. We received not any old blankets and towels but clean and immaculate ones, fit for any special animal, of which we have many.

We have had donations from the general public as well as other charities and Cash 4 Clothes. We have also had many, many toys and treats delivered including some from Tropica and the customers of Pets Direct. A big thank you to everyone.

This week, although we had no room, we had no option but to take in two dogs that had been living in terrible conditions. As we often see animals in this category are so grateful for a bit of love and kindness. Their immediate response is to show their gratitude by returning that love.

Holly is a nine-year-old collie, sadly her coat condition was so bad that she had to have a very radical hair cut. We have noticed an instant change in her demeanour and her, albeit bald, tail never stops wagging. Monty is a six-year-old Rottie and appears a huge, huge being the operative word, lump. He walks brilliantly on lead. Both of these dogs, having come from such disgusting conditions, have been keen to keep their kennels clean.

They are both, however, excessively overweight and this is something that has to be tackled with success if their quality of life is to be the best they can have. As we really know little about their history, separate, special homes required for both of these forgiving dogs.

There can’t be many people who read this column who don’t know about Todd. Well this week, three-and-a-half years after first coming in, he has finally found that special home. We will miss him but so pleased someone finally found that Todd shape hole in their home.

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