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Pinnacles Restaurant in Seahouses served up hundreds of 99p portions of cod and chips on Saturday to celebrate Norway Day in the UK, thanks to a campaign run in partnership with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Lengthy queues built up as customers waited for their bargain bait.

Kevin Cox, from Consett, was the first person to take advantage of the 99p fish and chip offer from Pinnacles, in Seahouses.

Kevin Cox, from Consett, was the first person to take advantage of the 99p fish and chip offer from Pinnacles, in Seahouses.

The Norwegian Seafood Council joined forces with 99 fryers across the UK to offer fish and chip fans the chance to hark back to the golden era of fish and chips and purchase a portion of their favourite takeaway for just 99p. A total of 16 tonnes of cod was gifted to the 99 participating shops, including Pinnacles Restaurant, allowing over 40,000 people nationwide to join in this unique fish and chip celebration.

Mike Armstrong from Pinnacles Restaurant said: “What a fantastic celebration of our favourite dish! We had lots of smiling customers throughout the day with bellies full of delicious Norwegian cod and chips.

“Customers, both old and new, were delighted to grab a portion for this tasty price and we are pleased to have brought a little of the Norwegian celebrations to fish and chip fans throughout Northumberland.”

Norwegian cod is a popular choice for British chippies due to its firm flesh and flaky texture, its light, delicate flavour, versatility and good quality.

Fish and chip lovers can also enjoy a delicious fish supper with a clear conscious as the sustainability of Norwegian cod stocks are carefully managed in order to safe guard the fish for generations to come.

This means that Norwegian cod is in plentiful supply, so much so that the vast majority of cod sold by fish and chip shops in the UK is caught in the icy, clear Arctic waters of the Barents Sea off the northern Norwegian cost.

The 99p fish and chips were served by chippies in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution and three shops in the north east took part.

Jack-Robert Møller, UK Director for the NSC, said: “Norway has enjoyed a close relationship with the UK, providing fish and chips shops with delicious cod for nearly 70 years now.

“We are so pleased that due to the abundance of sustainable cod in Norway, that we were able to give the gift of this fish to the people of Northumberland in celebration of our historic Norway Day and see so many people enjoying fish that has been sustainably caught from Norway’s icy Barents Sea.”

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