Police advise farmers to secure property

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Police in Northumberland have been giving the farming community advice on not falling victim to rural crime.

During the first two weeks of June, officers visited 241 farms in rural parts of the county to make sure they have adequate security plus give crime prevention tips and advice.

Almost all premises visited are already part of the Farm Watch scheme and those that weren’t asked to be signed up.

Roadside checks were also carried out by motor patrols staff supported by Cumbria Police and working alongside VOSA. A total of 48 vehicles were stopped and 4 vehicles were dealt with for road traffic offences.

Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Oates said: “Criminals will travel long distances to steal from farms in rural locations, taking advantage of the trusting nature of these communities.

“With that in mind, officers have been visiting farms to make sure their properties are safe and secure.

“I’m pleased to say that the vast majority were secure and made sure they weren’t leaving any valuable or other items on show that could be stolen or used by thieves to break into a property.

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