Teupen to show height of proposed Murton wind turbines

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RESIDENTS will soon be able to see for themselves what impact two proposed 44.5m tall wind turbines at Murton White House, near Berwick, are going to have.

Maden Eco, who are developing the proposal on behalf of landowner William Flannigan, are planning to erect a crane to the hub height of the turbines.

The crane, known as a Teupen, will go up to its full height of 36m. It was due to go up today or tomorrow but the poor weather has forced them to put back their plans to next week.

Simon Maden of Maden Eco said: “We know turbines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but we believe these are on the best possible site in terms of shielding them from view.

“In addition, they will provide 500kw of energy that will go to a social energy supplier that aims to alleviate electricity poverty.

Maden Eco is planning to build two Norwin 225kw turbines on the site. The firm have offered five per cent of the yield payments of one turbine to East Ord Parish Council to distribute to local charities, around £5,000 per year.

Richard Arthur, the firm’s technical consultant, added: “The Teupen will be extended to its maximum height of 36m and will give the local community a good idea of how the turbines will look if we get planning permission.

“Having said that, it is bright red so will be a lot more visible than the turbines themselves would.”

The crane was recently used to help put together the visual impact assessment for a wind turbine proposal near Coldingham.

“We’ve already done our visual impact assessment for Murton White House but we still think it will be a useful exercise to let people have a look and see what they think,” added Mr Arthur.

“We’d also told Ord Parish Council and others in the local community that we’d do this before submitting a full planning application.”

A formal planning application is expected to be submitted within the next few weeks.

If that is the case, it will come up for discussion at Ord Parish Council’s next meeting on April 15. A final decision will be taken by Northumberland County Council.

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