Tangled headphones a thing of the past

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Fumbling with headphones and cables whilst trying to untangle their knotted mess is one of the minor gripes of the modern age.

However, it could soon be a thing of the past thanks to Horncliffe student Courtney Yule who has played a big part in the development of a new product.

Not Knot is an intelligently and sustainably designed cable tidy that folds into a hard protective shell to keep earbuds, volume controls and cable heads safe.

The material used in Not Knot’s creation is very thin; less than 1mm thick, making it easy for transportation and storage in wallets, phone cases or pockets.

It is also manufactured from a unique recycled and recyclable plastic, to a zero landfill policy.

“I’ve designed the packaging for it,” said Courtney, a third year product design student at Edinburgh Napier University.

The 21-year-old former Berwick High School pupil has been working for product design company Blue Marmalade as part of her degree.

While there she discovered Not Knot was unreleased.

“The company had intended to release it but standard tooling limitations stood in their way and it had been confined to use in the studio, or gifted to friends and family,” revealed Courtney.

However, one month and a completed packaging design later, she is about to launch it through the crowd-funding platform ‘Kickstarter’.

“I believe Not Knot is such a fun and useful little tool that it deserves to be released,” she said.

“I set out on a campaign to launch Not Knot and have used Kickstarter as the forefront of this. I aim to raise £500 which will fund the final tooling, printing and initial production of the packaging I have designed. The campaign has been very successful so far and we are almost 300% funded which is really exciting.”

Although Not Knot doesn’t have as difficult a journey until release as many other products do, Courtney says what it lacks is market confidence and support.

“I am a student designer and this reminds me of my situation; confidence and support is usually the main component in any success story, and this is what I want to help generate,” she explained

She hopes the product, with its undoubted commercial appeal, will go a long way in helping her career as a designer as she prepares for her fourth and final year at university in September.

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