Jus-Rol staff return to the classroom

Berwick Middle School head teacher Derryth Hope

Berwick Middle School head teacher Derryth Hope

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Berwick Middle School pupils visited Jus-Rol earlier this year to see how mathematics and other subjects are used in a real life work place.

Staff led by Aileen Reilly, Ian Beresford and Carol Ditchfield gave a comprehensive health and safety briefing and ensured all 90 Year 8 students were dressed in personal protection equipment.

In groups of six the students were led around the factory where they were able to see the full process from the research and design stages to the finished products being loaded from the cold stores.

Throughout they were encouraged by Jus-Rol staff to observe the mathematics and other subjects being used – such as how much flour is held in the silos and how many boxes can be loaded on the pallets.

Last week, Jus-Rol staff went to Berwick Middle for a day of factory themed activities. Students had the chance to solve real life problems such as deciding which supplier gives the best value, working on a mock production line and how best to stack a pallet.

Governors and staff from Berwick Middle School and staff and sixth form students from Berwick Academy also helped out with the activities.

Sophie, a year eight student said: “It was good because we got to learn new things about Jus-Rol and we did a mixture of lessons to do with them. I enjoyed the cookie calorie exercise because I learnt a lot about how long it takes to burn off calories. I also learned a lot about germs living on your hands. Overall I think the day was great and worthwhile.”

Head teacher Derryth Hope said: “This is the third year we have worked with Jus-Rol on this project and it just seems to get better and better.

“It has been a brilliant opportunity for our young people to work with adults, think about how the subjects they are studying now relate to the world of work in the future and use their thinking skills to problem solve in a fun way.

“I’d like to thank the staff both here at Berwick Middle and at Jus-Rol for all the work that has gone into organising this day and the students for taking part in such an enthusiastic fashion.”

Aileen Reilly of Jus-Rol said: “This project puts something back into a community that we are such a big part of. Working with and giving the children real life examples of the subjects they study in school being used in the workplace is not only an invaluable tool in their education but also really good fun as well. The feedback we have received over the last three years has been so positive.”

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